Guidelines for Visiting Cavers

Trips to Tween Twins Hole are carried out with an accompanying guide to help preserve the delicate and vulnerable formations in the cave.

Visits are limited to 3 people plus leader and a £2 per person conservation donation will be collected to contribute to the cost of maintenance.

The entrance to the cave was extensively dug for many years and in periods of wet weather can become extremely muddy.  It is requested that visiting cavers bring with them a clean oversuit, boots and gloves to be carried in a bag through the muddy entrance.  There is space to change into this beyond the dig site to avoid muddying formations further into the cave.  If you have any queries about this your leader will be able to answer any questions in advance of the trip.

Please no Carbide Lighting or inexperienced cavers.

Tourists Trips are not currently allowed beyond Waterlily Chamber.